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July August 2014

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PISCES Feb 18 – Mar 20


You can get swept away with extravagance this month, spending more than you can afford. Even if surplus funds – maybe an unexpected windfall or easy borrowing – are burning a hole in your pocket, some beautiful object that catches your eye could charm you into overvaluing it and buying on impulse. Similarly, you may attract someone whose true worth, for better or worse, you’re not able to assess reliably at present. Unless you consciously choose otherwise, just don’t expect practicalities to be high on your agenda right now.



An opportunity to expand your world, perhaps through travel for pleasure or with an educational or spiritual aim in mind, may be frustrated by communication- or transport-related delays that test your patience. These might also reflect some personal goal in which you feel unsure about which direction to take and how to implement plans that keep being blocked. Circumstances could be taking you off-course for a deeper reason whose meaning you can fathom if you change tack and look at the disruptions from a new perspective.


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