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Summer Special 2014

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PISCES Feb 18 – Mar 20


You may be eager to explore or debate new knowledge with friends, but frustrated in your overzealous attempts to take them along with you. They’re more likely to come round after mid-month, so stop pushing for now and take just yourself deeper into it. From 13th, you’ll want to work independently, with recognition for your achievements. You can make good progress, provided you focus on the job in hand; if you do have to act under others’ instructions, prevent your ego drives making an issue of it.



There’s a low-level but persistent indication that meaningful opportunities, not always immediately apparent, may come through friends or groups in answer to an inner desire for change and more creativity or enjoyment in life. Doors could open that weren’t there before, and crossing their threshold is likely to lead to familiar patterns being shaken up regarding siblings/cousins, everyday communications, routine visits, local surroundings and so on. If so, you can be sure you’ll learn new things as your boundaries widen, and a problematic situation may transform.


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