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March April 2014

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PISCES Feb 18 – Mar 20


With a New Moon in your sign on 1st and impacting the area of your immediate environment, you may find yourself feeling extra-emotional this month and acting on feelings you weren’t consciously aware of or that you’d previously decided to keep to yourself. Since the end of last year, you may have been treading water with self-expressive creative projects, relationships with your children or romantic attachments, but now you can again more actively start ‘growing’ them and in turn feel nurtured by them.



Outside influences may exasperate you into ignoring subtle signs and attempting to swim against the flow in a situation where you feel pushed to extremes. Pull back and shut out the drama so you can tune more clearly into your deep intuition. Then you can choose a moment for an exchange of opinions that will increase the likelihood of both sides feeling less threatened and therefore being more willing to listen to the other, even if a workable compromise still needs more time and diplomatic cooperation.

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