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Summer Special 2014

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Bliss by Paul Avgerinos

Bliss by Paul Avgerinos


Bliss by Paul Avgerinos

* * * *


Yet again the legendary Paul Avgerinos has created an album that is bound to delight New Age music aficionados and ambient junkies alike. This is a subtle album employing quite developed drone work that is a cut above the usual plethora of beige works that can be endemic to the genre. The track Fertile Soil of Peace especially lifts the spirit and sends it soaring to another place. Some compositions seem to be misnamed in that Lightness of Being is one of the denser tracks, with an ominous undercurrent that keeps you grounded even while the top notes try and elevate you. Some of the music is akin to whalesong and is very profound, its meaning a whisper hardly caught on the wind. An accomplished album from the famous New Age composer. Tania Ahsan 

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